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Spring Plano, TX Engagement Portraits: Lara & Dustin at Oak Point Nature Preserve

We had one of those Spring evenings with the perfect golden sunlight for Lara and Dustin's engagement session at Oak Point Nature Preserve in Plano! I love how it makes Lara's hair absolutely glow when backlit at sunset. Lara and Dustin have been one of my very favorite couples to work with in recent years. I actually photographed Lara's high school senior portraits, so I felt a little old when I first received her wedding photography inquiry, to be honest! How can time fly by so quickly, that my senior portrait clients of yesteryear are already getting married?! She's not the only person who I've celebrated numerous milestones with, but she was my first senior portrait client turned wedding client! If memory serves, she was already in a relationship with Dustin at the time of those senior portraits, and I'm so happy for them that their young love grew, matured, and stood the test of time. They are so clearly a perfect match for each other, and I would dare say that they're each other's best friend! Everyone should be so lucky to find their match so early in life, and to have that many more years together as a result! I took Lara and Dustin to my favorite park in the northern Dallas suburbs: Oak Point Nature Preserve in Plano. It's usually much quieter than the more well-known Arbor Hills Nature Preserve on the other side of Plano, and I love its variety of backdrops, from wildflowers, to mature oak trees, to the pond at the center of the park. If you're interested in scheduling a portrait session at this park, drop me a line!

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