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Dallas Proposal Photography at White Rock Lake: Sam & Haley

Alright, y'all. Get ready to feel some feelings while you scroll through these photos, at least if you're an empath like I am. When I see two people so overcome with happy emotions, it's wonderfully contagious. I spent this whole shoot grinning ear-to-ear behind my mask! Sam contacted me a few weeks ago about photographing his proposal to Haley at Winfrey Point on White Rock Lake in Dallas. It's a special place for them, with sentimental meaning. Including the Dallas skyline was important to him as well. We got the details hammered out through secretive phone calls when Haley wasn't around, and I posted up on a blanket with my camera at the appointed hour, doing my best to look as inconspicuous as possible while hanging out in plain sight. As soon as Sam went down on one knee, I jumped into action. Thankfully since Sam is a videographer and photographer himself, Haley wasn't surprised nor alarmed by my suddenly being up in their business with my camera during his proposal! She was a bit more surprised to find out that their families were hiding nearby too, ready to come congratulate them! I would love to shoot more proposals soon! Engagement season is coming, with most engagements beginning between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day each year. Please keep me in mind for your proposal plans!

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