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East Texas Piney Woods Maternity Session

Last winter, my sister Jessie was able to sneak away from the Pacific Northwest for a visit to see our family here in Texas. At that time, my new home's builder had just broken ground on the house's foundation, and my husband Opie and I took my sister and my mother on a trek from DFW out to our 60+ acre property near New Boston, Texas to see the progress, and to show my sister around our property in person for the first time! My sister was about 5 months pregnant, which is a couple of months earlier than I normally photograph maternity portraits (I've found that 7 months is the ideal time during most pregnancies), but as this was my only chance, you better believe I insisted on a maternity session for Jessie on our Piney Woods property! Thankfully Jessie was already "showing", and she chose a perfect outfit to pop among the winter colors on our land.

I handed my camera off to my husband for a rare photo with myself in it too! I'm so sad that my mom and I were both unable to travel to be present for my niece's birth like we had planned. I shake my fist in coronavirus's general direction! I'll have to make up for lost time with visits to my sister's family just as soon as this pandemic is behind us!

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