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Lake Bistineau Louisiana Wedding

Bride and bridesmaids pose together on a Louisiana lakefront

Mallorie and Alvin had a sweet, intimate wedding celebration this weekend, surrounded by family and friends (and family dogs) on the shores of Lake Bistineau in Heflin, Louisiana. This was the second celebration of their nuptials; they got married outside of Las Vegas two months ago. While the couple lives in Colorado now, Mallorie's hometown is in northern Louisiana, and this location made it possible for local loved ones to celebrate their marriage in person.

Bride & Groom pose together on the shore of Lake Bistineau in Louisiana

Shades of Blue at Lake Bistineau made a stunning backdrop for the event! I loved the Spanish moss hanging from the trees, and the lakefront access for the ceremony and portraits.

Hat tip to the men who stepped in as groomsmen on short notice, as well as the Uncle who was "voluntold" he was performing the wedding ceremony. Y'all did good! And whoever made the Cajun meal I enjoyed at this wedding? Hoo boy, that was literally the best gumbo I have ever had. If it comes with food like that, let's get some more Louisiana weddings on my calendar, pronto!

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