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The Summit of Bossier City Louisiana Wedding

Kirsten and Vincent were married on June 24th at The Summit of Bossier City in Louisiana. We were in the peak of a heat advisory with high humidity, and the venue was impacted by a tornado the week before the wedding, but you'd hardly know it by the photos of their beautiful and joyous wedding day!

Vincent and Kirsten should give lessons on delivering "words of affirmation" to your partner, your friends, and anyone else you appreciate. All day, I watched them express so much love to everyone around them and to each other, and I absolutely preened when it was directed at me too! Vincent's dad gushed to me about how well his son values and fosters his friendships, and it was evident that's so true of Vincent and his bride as well, by the love that was overflowing from their closest friends throughout the event.

Congratulations again, you two! You have the kind of love that will last a lifetime, and it's been my honor to document it!

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